Havas Supports the National Communication Strategy of the Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup

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The America’s Cup, the most prestigious sailing competition and the oldest trophy in international sports, which has been held since 1851, is known for its high level of competition and advanced technology. It is launching a campaign to present the 37th edition of the third global sporting event with the greatest impact (behind the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup). Furthermore, this 2024 edition is being held in Barcelona for the first time in its history, promising to provide a spectacular environment for both competitors and spectators, marking a significant milestone in the history of this iconic regatta, which will begin on August 22.

America’s Cup Event Barcelona (ACE), the official organizer, has entrusted Havas to collaborate on its national communication strategy. This collaboration includes support in managing communication and public relations through their agency Tinkle, creating exclusive content formats for media, and handling brand sponsorships in conjunction with ACE’s Sponsorship Manager. The goal is to promote and disseminate this international sporting event. Alongside ACE Barcelona, the Ajuntament de Barcelona (City Council of Barcelona) and the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia), Havas has designed and developed a creative campaign. The campaign aims to establish a special and close connection with the local citizens in Barcelona, Catalonia, and Spain, introducing them to the competition and its workings, generating anticipation and enthusiasm.

The main creative concept of the campaign is an audiovisual piece titled ‘Somos de Mar’ (We Are from the Sea), conceived and developed by Havas. The concept aims to connect the key features of the competition—technology, innovation, teamwork, sustainability, and diversity—with the local citizens, their customs, and way of life. The city and the country, both open to the world through the sea, share these same values, bringing everyone closer to this competition. The concept is highly versatile in its translations across the main languages of countries where it has a large audience: ‘Som de Mar’ (Catalan), ‘We the Sea’ (English), ‘Nous la Mer’ (French), among others.


The campaign will run on television (in 60″, 30″, and 20″ versions), print media, and digital platforms. It will run from late May in different waves until the end of the competition, which takes place in October.

In addition, in order to explain to the audience how the competition works and its relevance and impact in Barcelona, Havas has worked on the development of exclusive content formats in collaboration with top-tier media outlets. These formats take an educational approach to the event, covering topics such as women in the world of sailing, Catalonia as a land of sailors, and the sporting and sustainable legacy, all under the same creative concept.

Havas, in partnership with CA Sports Marketing, has collaborated with ACE’s Sponsorship Manager on the strategy and commercialization of sponsorships for the America’s Cup. Focusing on companies with a presence in Spain, joint agreements have been signed with entities such as Puig, which sponsors the women’s competition (Puig Women’s America’s Cup), Global Partners like Cupra and Coca-Cola, and official suppliers of the competition such as ISDIN, among others.

The Havas companies involved in the campaign’s development and implementation include Havas Creative, Havas Play, Arena, and Tinkle.

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