Noise Digital Partners with Destination Canada and Google Cloud to Revolutionize Tourism Data with the Canadian Tourism Data Collective

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Noise Digital, part of Havas Media Network, is proud to announce its collaboration with Destination Canada to develop the analytics platform powering the recently launched Canadian Tourism Data Collective, a groundbreaking national platform for tourism data, research, and thought leadership.

This innovative initiative signifies a paradigm shift in the Canadian tourism industry, empowering businesses, communities, and governments with reliable and actionable intelligence to foster collaboration and innovation across the sector. The Data Collective is a joint venture between Destination Canada, Statistics Canada and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, and represents a source of competitive advantage for Canada’s hosting economy.

Trevor Carr, CEO of Noise Digital, says the solution design and implementation of the analytics platform, in partnership with Destination Canada and Google Cloud, was engineered to redefine the way the tourism sector operates by focusing on:


  • Centralizing Data Assets: The analytics platform offers a privacy-first, made-in-Canada, secure environment that complies with the Canadian federal government-published guidance on security controls to protect cloud-based workloads and data, and ​unites fragmented data sources to ensure data is readily accessible for informed decision-making.
  • Unifying Data Intelligence: By harmonizing disparate data streams, the analytics platform empowers users with comprehensive insights on the Canadian tourism sector.
  • Monitoring Data Quality: Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and analysis tools are harnessed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data, fostering trust in the Data Collective’s insights which are garnered from the foundational analytics platform.
  • Operational Efficiencies: Through automation and machine learning, the analytics platform reduces operational costs and optimizes resource allocation (e.g. AI-assisted data translation to enable the platform to comply with the requirements of Canada’s Official Languages Act).

Since its inception, the analytics platform has allowed the Data Collective to unify over 175 datasets and ingest over 8.9+ billion rows of data, representing a wealth of actionable intelligence for the tourism industry. This platform has also facilitated significant operational efficiencies and has reduced the development time for Destination Canada’s various data products.

“The Data Collective exemplifies Canadian innovation and collaboration. This groundbreaking initiative is powered by a data and analytics platform developed in partnership with Noise Digital. Leveraging their expertise on Google Cloud, it showcases the best minds across Canada and utilizing emerging technologies like AI to transform the tourism sector. We greatly value Noise Digital’s expertise in bringing this platform to life.” – Meaghan Ferrigno, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Destination Canada.

“Google Cloud is committed to providing the industry’s most open cloud and helping customers accelerate their digital transformations,” said Sam Sebastian, Head of Google Cloud Canada. “Through this new partnership, Destination Canada and Noise Digital will use Google Cloud’s infrastructure to power new capabilities that can improve operations and create real-world value for businesses.”

As the Data Collective propels the Canadian tourism sector into a new era of innovation and growth, its foundational analytics platform stands as a testament to the transformative power of data-driven insights.

With ongoing advancements in artificial intelligence, data analytics, and security planned for implementation into the analytics platform, the Data Collective is poised to revolutionize how Canadian destinations are marketed, developed, and managed.

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