The Marketplace Revolution: A New Paradigm for Brands, Retailers, and Shoppers

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The eCommerce landscape continues its impressive growth trajectory, with Insider Intelligence forecasting that eCommerce sales worldwide will represent a staggering $6.33 trillion in 2024. Despite the massive, pandemic-fueled adoption of eCommerce, there are still areas in this space that represent untapped revenue potential for brands & retailers.

Chief among these opportunities are online marketplaces, a digital platform that serves as an intermediary between vendors and consumers, facilitating the online sale of goods and services. Research firm Digital Commerce 360 tells us marketplaces represented more than 55% of global eCommerce sales in 2022, a remarkable feat given they represent 1.5% of eCommerce sites.

In this paper, Havas Media Network and Mirakl explore how marketplaces can deliver for brands, retailers, and shoppers alike.


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