What is Creative Commerce and Why is it Changing the way we do Retailing?

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There isn’t one clear definition of the disruption of commerce or the disruption of branding that is Creative Commerce. Its closest description is the intersection of creativity, culture and technology or the collision of creativity and commerce or where commerce, content and culture meet.

With a staggering 5.35 billion people using the internet today, of which 96.5% are accessing it via their mobiles, there’s a captive audience looking for relevant content to help make their buying decisions. So, how can both brands and retailers win at Creative Commerce?

To explore this question — and creative commerce’s heavy influence on the retail media landscape— Liquid and Havas Market drafted an in-depth guide for brands to be shoppable anywhere, anytime. This paper analyzes the changing dynamics of this concept including internet usage, channel shifts, purchase journey, key building blocks, and more.

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