Havas Market Launches A Complete Guide to E-Retail Media

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E-retail media, best defined as online advertising on retailer websites, has quickly become the fastest-growing media channel, growing 200% greater than any other form of digital media. This category represents a large business growth opportunity for the entire e-commerce ecosystem, with various industry players all searching for the best e-retail media solution to monetize their web traffic.

The retail media landscape is rapidly growing in size but also in complexity. To gain a deeper understanding of this burgeoning market, our Havas Market team conducted a thorough analysis across five core western markets: the US, UK, France, Germany, and Spain. Our analysis involved a comprehensive exploration and comparison of market patterns, each market’s unique e-retail media potential, and a close examination of the primary e-retailers in these markets and their solutions.

Download our new guide: A Complete Guide to E-Retail Media for full insights on all things E-retail media

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