New Research Explores Perspectives on Culture and Media in an Increasingly Personal World

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Over the past four years, Havas has researched how consumers’ expectations of media have evolved amidst turbulent times. In 2020, against the backdrop of the pandemic and international calls for racial justice, our surveys revealed the growing expectation for rigorous and transparent fact checking and publisher support of social issues. In 2023, we saw another shift in expectations, as consumers increasingly wanted brands to deliver for them personally amidst the unstable backdrop of their daily lives.   

Now, in 2024, we’re continuing to track this evolving narrative with our latest research study: 2024 Society Says: Consumer perspectives on culture and media in an ever-increasing personal world. Check out the complete report to learn the societal themes that are impacting citizens’ lives, the media channels that are most meaningful, and how advertisers and publishers can meet expectations for responsibility. 

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